Everything you need to know about a smart lease

The cost of your smart lease will depend on a few different options you’ll have when you apply. That, of course, includes the model and spec of smart you choose, plus the length of your lease and the level of upfront payment (initial rental) you choose 

The initial rental can range from one month’s lease payment to the equivalent of 12 months of payments.

The cost of your smart lease will also depend on whether or not you want to include maintenance in your lease payment.

Any upgrades or modifications you want to make to your smart will also impact the cost of your lease.

As standard, a smart lease will generally give you exclusive access to the vehicle for the duration of the lease, up to the mileage limit specific in the lease. You will have the flexibility to set this limit at the start of the lease. Your smart lease payment will also include a regular admin fee.

If you want to include the likes of maintenance and insurance for your smart, this will be an extra cost added to your regular lease payment. Otherwise, you’ll have the option to cover those costs separately.

Remember if you exceed the mileage limit on your smart lease, there will be an excess mileage charge.

The best smart to lease will depend on your budget, and what you’ll be using the car for. You’ll need to consider factors like how many passengers you’ll be carrying, how much boot space you need and whether you prefer a manual or automatic transmission.

When deciding on the best smart deal for you, you should also bear in mind how urgently you need the car. If you need one fast, the best smart lease may simply be for one that’s in stock at the time.

The best way to save money on a smart lease is to shop around carefully. That means looking at different lease providers to see who’s offering the best deal on smart leases.

You’ll also want to choose the smart you lease carefully. You’ll save money by choosing a more basic model and spec of smart to lease and avoiding upgrades and extras. A lease on a used smart will generally cost you less too.

It’s worth checking the potential cost of your smart lease based on different lease durations and with different levels of initial rental. Contributing more up front, may mean you pay less overall as this reduces risk for the lease provider.

Yes, depending on the model you’re looking for, you should have the option to lease a new or used smart. Naturally for newer models to the market, there may only be new leases as an option.

Whether you can get a new or used car will also be subject to availability of models at the time you want to start your smart lease.