Guide to choosing the best Ford to lease

Ford Focus

Best for: City commuters looking for a versatile hatchback or sedan configuration. The Ford Focus features responsive handling, fuel-efficient engine options, and advanced technology features like Ford's SYNC infotainment system. 

Engine type: 2.3L 4-cylinder

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 357 litres


Ford Puma

Best for: Drivers looking for a compact SUV with a sporty design and ample cargo space (MegaBox storage). The Ford Puma offers a range of efficient engine options and safety features like Pre-Collision Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition. 

Engine type: 1.0L 3-cylinder

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 410 litres


Ford Kuga

Best for: Families and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a spacious and versatile SUV. The Ford Kuga is a practical car with a stylish design, roomy interior, and efficient engine options. 

Engine type: 1.5L 4-cylinder/2.0L 4-cylinder/diesel/hybrid

Estimated EV range: 41 miles in pure electric mode

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 482 litres


Ford Ecosport

Best for: Urban drivers and families looking for a compact SUV with a high driving position. The Ford Ecosport features flexible cargo space, all-wheel drive capabilities, and a robust suite of safety technologies. 

Engine type: 1.0L 3-cylinder/1.5L 3-cylinder

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 356 litres


Ford Tourneo Courier

Best for: Families and businesses looking for a spacious vehicle, flexible seating arrangements, and efficient engine options. The Ford Tourneo Courier features advanced connectivity with Ford's SYNC system, numerous storage solutions, and a range of safety technologies. 

Engine type: 1.0L 3-cylinder

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 1,188 litres


Ford Tourneo Connect

Best for: The Ford Tourneo Connect is a sound choice for families and businesses needing a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). It offers flexible seating arrangements, convenient sliding doors, ample cargo space, and advanced safety technologies like Pre-Collision Assist.

Engine type: 1.5L 3-cylinder/2.0L 4-cylinder/diesel

Passengers: Up to 7 adults

Cargo: 1,100 litres

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Best for: Larger families or those needing extra passenger capacity (e.g. businesses). The Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is a larger version of the Tourneo Connect with additional space and the option for a third row of seats. 

Engine type: 1.5L 3-cylinder/2.0L 4-cylinder/diesel

Passengers: Up to 7 adults

Cargo: 1,452 litres


Ford Explorer

Best for: The Ford Explorer is perfect for families and adventure-seekers looking for a spacious and capable SUV. It offers a robust lineup of powerful engines, three rows of seating, and ample cargo space. Standout features include advanced safety technologies like the Ford Co-Pilot360, a user-friendly SYNC infotainment system, and available all-wheel drive. 

Engine type: 4.0L V6/4.6L V8

Passengers: Up to 7 adults

Cargo: 1,264 litres


Ford Mustang

Best for: The Ford Mustang is an iconic sports car that is perfect for performance enthusiasts. Known for its powerful engine configurations and classic design, the Mustang has impressive acceleration and agile handling. Standout features include advanced technology like Ford's SYNC infotainment system, a customisable digital display, and performance packages. 

Engine type: 2.3L 4-cylinder/5.0L V8

Passengers: Up to 4 adults

Cargo: 408 litres


Ford Mustang Mach-E

Best for: Drivers looking for a high-performance electric SUV. The Ford Mustang Mach-E combines the iconic Mustang design with electric vehicle technology. It offers impressive acceleration, a spacious interior, a decent driving range and a Ford Co-Pilot360 safety suite. 

Engine type: Electric 

Estimated EV range: 250 - 320 miles in pure electric mode (depending on the battery)

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 841 litres


Ford S-MAX

Best for: The Ford S-MAX is ideal for families and anyone needing a versatile, seven-seater MPV with a sporty edge. It combines dynamic handling with a spacious interior and flexible seating configuration. Standout features include Ford's SYNC infotainment system, and advanced safety technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane-Keeping Assist. 

Engine type: 2.0L EcoBlue diesel

Passengers: Up to 7 adults

Cargo: 285 litres

Ford Galaxy

Best for: Families and businesses looking for a premium MPV. The Ford Galaxy can accommodate up to seven adults with ample legroom and has safety features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Intelligent Speed Assist.

Engine type: 2.0L 4-cylinder/diesel

Passengers: Up to 7 adults

Cargo: 1,301 litres


Everything you need to know about a Ford lease

The cost of leasing a Ford will vary depending on: 

  • The Ford’s year and model you choose – hatchbacks and sedans are generally cheaper to lease than SUVs, vans and EVs
  • The car’s transmission & fuel type 
  • The specs & configurations you choose for your Ford
  • Your lease term – the longer your lease, the lower your monthly payments 
  • Your advance payment – making a larger initial payment reduces your monthly payments
  • Your car lease provider. 

For the UK’s best-selling Ford model — the Ford Puma — leasing starts from around £388.34 (inc VAT) per month over a 48-month term, with an initial rental payment of £4,660.08. The initial rental is the equivalent of 12 months of payments in this case. There’s also usually a processing fee. 

Ford car leases typically include a mileage limit, with additional costs incurred for exceeding this limit. For the Ford lease deal above, the annual mileage limit is 5,000 miles. The excess mileage charge is 11.08p per mile. Lease costs and charges will vary between providers; the above is just an example. 

Additional costs apply if you select maintenance packages, roadside assistance or add-ons for your Ford lease (e.g. metallic paint, contrast roof, glare-free LED headlamps, etc). 

What’s included in your Ford lease will depend on whether you lease through the manufacturer directly or with a third-party car lease provider. A Ford lease generally includes: 

  • Full use of the vehicle for the lease period (which can range from 24-60 months)
  • An allocated annual mileage between 5,000 and 15,000 miles (over-mileage fees may apply if you exceed your set mileage)
  • VED 
  • Standard manufacturer’s warranty
  • Scheduled servicing 
  • Compatible Ford vehicles come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Keep in mind that Ford leases have some general exclusions, namely car insurance. You’re responsible for insuring your leased Ford, just as you would be with any other type of car finance. When you sign up for a Ford lease deal, you may receive temporary driveaway insurance, providing enough coverage to drive your new Ford home.

Additionally, excess charges may apply if you do not adhere to the manufacturer's servicing or maintenance guidelines or if the car exceeds the BVRLA guidelines on fair wear and tear. 

Considering everything (mileage, rental payment, etc.) and comparing car lease deals from various providers, you may find that the cheapest Ford lease deal is on the Ford Focus. Leasing can start as low as £374.16 per month for a 48-month term, with an advance payment of £4,489.92. 

Here are some ways you could save money on a Ford lease deal:

  • Shop around: Compare deals from different providers to find the cheapest Ford lease deal or the most flexible lease terms (bonus points if you get both). 
  • Skip the extras: This goes without saying, but skipping the upgrades and the latest tech features on your leased Ford will typically reduce your leasing costs compared to selecting all the gadgets and add-ons. 
  • Negotiate terms: While the purchase price of a vehicle is usually non-negotiable when buying directly from a Ford dealership, you might be able to negotiate your lease costs with a third-party lease provider.
  • Consider leasing a used Ford: A cost-effective option could be leasing a pre-owned Ford instead of a brand-new Ford model. 
  • Choose your mileage limit carefully: Estimate your annual mileage and select your lease plan accordingly to avoid excess charges if you exceed it. The average annual vehicle mileage in the UK can range from 5,000 to 7,000 miles. 
  • Maintenance packages: Adding a maintenance package to your lease typically increases the payment costs. Consider whether it's necessary, especially if scheduled servicing is already included in the lease.
  • Consider salary sacrificing: If eligible, paying for your Ford lease through your employer's salary sacrifice scheme can offer decent tax savings.

When your Ford lease ends, you’ll have a few options:

  • Return the Ford to the leasing company: They will inspect it for internal or external damage and excessive wear and tear. If you exceed mileage limits or cause damage beyond normal wear and tear, you may incur additional charges as per your lease agreement.
  • Lease another Ford: Once your lease term is up, you can upgrade to a newer Ford model for better technology, features, and fuel efficiency. Alternatively, you could switch to another car brand.
  • Extend the lease: Some lease agreements allow you to extend the lease. If you’re happy with your Ford model and specs, this might be a good option. You may have to sign a contract extension and the lease provider may charge an administrative fee to extend the lease.

You might have the option to lease a Ford without a deposit by choosing the lowest advance payment, usually equivalent to your monthly payment. This would mean you don’t have to make a large upfront payment. Keep in mind that a lower initial payment will lead to higher monthly payments throughout the lease term. Your credit score will determine if you can secure a Ford lease without a deposit, along with the terms outlined in your contract. 

To qualify for leasing a Ford in the UK, you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have a full driving licence
  • Have a good credit score
  • Have an income that’s sufficient to cover your lease payments.