Compare some of the popular Skoda options to lease

Skoda Fabia

Best for: Urban drivers and young professionals looking for an economical and compact car with agile handling and great fuel efficiency.

Engine options available: Petrol/diesel

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 380 litres

Skoda Octavia

Best for: Families and business users needing a spacious and versatile vehicle with advanced safety features and impressive fuel economy for long-distance travel.

Engine options available: Petrol/diesel

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 640 litres (Estate)

Skoda Kodiaq

Best for: Large families and adventure-seekers needing a spacious and versatile SUV, offering seven seats, advanced safety features, and strong performance for both city driving and off-road excursions.

Engine options available: Petrol/diesel

Passengers: 5 or 7 seat options

Cargo: 765 litres

Skoda Enyaq

Best for: Eco-conscious drivers and tech enthusiasts wanting a cutting-edge electric vehicle with a long range, modern design, and sustainable driving experience.

Engine options available: Electric (range from 249-353 miles WLTP depending on variant)

Passengers: Up to 5 adults

Cargo: 585 litres (on estate variant with rear seats folded)

Everything you need to know about leasing a Skoda

Skoda lease deals can range from around £335 (a rough starting price for a lease on a Skoda Fabia) all the way up to £700+ for the electric Enyaq, which sits at the top of the manufacturer’s price range.

The model you choose will have the largest impact on the cost of your Skoda lease, but it’s not the only factor.

For example, the lease duration and level of initial rental will also affect your regular payment. A longer lease will likely mean lower regular payments but more to pay overall. A higher initial payment on your Skoda lease will bring down your regular payment amount.

If you choose to include maintenance with your Skoda lease, this will cost more. And you could face extra costs if you exceed the agreed mileage on your lease.

With a Skoda lease, you get exclusive use of the vehicle, up to a mileage limit agreed between you and the lease provider. You’ll have the option to include maintenance at an extra cost, but other regular costs (like fuel and insurance) generally need to be covered separately.

Broadly speaking, the cost of your Skoda lease will reflect the purchase price of the vehicle. In other words, the cheaper the car is to buy, the cheaper it will be to lease. Based on that alone, a Skoda Fabia is likely to be the cheapest option. However, how much you pay will also come down to which lease provider you choose and the terms of the lease.

Here are some ways you may be able to save money on a Skoda lease:

  • Shop around Skoda lease deals: Check different leasing companies to compare deals. can help you find the providers offering the best prices on Skoda leases.
  • Negotiate terms: While pricing for cars purchased directly from Skoda is generally fixed, sometimes there's room to negotiate on lease pricing, as lease providers order cars in bulk. It’s worth asking the provider whether the Skoda lease price advertised is the best they can do.
  • Consider a used Skoda: If you’re not dead set on a new car, a lease on a used Skoda will likely be cheaper, if you can find one available.
  • Look for special offers: Lease providers occasionally offer special leasing deals, particularly towards the end of a month, quarter, or model year.
  • Choose your mileage limit carefully: This could help you avoid excess mileage charges for going over your limit.
  • Maintenance packages: Consider whether including a maintenance package in your lease is cost-effective.
  • Consider salary sacrificing: If you’re eligible, there can be considerable tax savings available if you pay for your Skoda lease through your employer under a salary sacrifice scheme, particularly on electric models like the Skoda Enyaq.

When your Skoda lease ends, you’ll have a few options available:

  • Return the car: You can simply return the car to the leasing company. Your Skoda will typically undergo an inspection to check for excess wear and tear. If the vehicle has any damage, or if you've exceeded the mileage limits set in your lease agreement, you may incur additional charges.
  • Lease another Skoda: You could choose to upgrade to a new model to get the latest tech and safety features. Or you could always switch to a different brand if you prefer.
  • Extend the lease: Some lease agreements offer the flexibility to extend the lease for an additional period. If the Skoda you’ve been leasing is still suitable for your needs, this could be a good option. There may be an admin fee charged by the leasing provider if you extend the lease.

The main eligibility criteria for leasing a Skoda (or any other brand of car) in the UK are:

  • Being over 18 years of age
  • Having a full driver’s license
  • Having a good credit score
  • Having an income that’s sufficient to cover the regular payments